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Antreeee cuyyy, mantaff

This is where Mr. Yusuf is

Alhamdulillah, the most delicious soto in West Java !! 👍👍❤

Thank you very much for your feedback

If Friday closed?

Yes om infonya kalo jum'at Tutup.dan if you want to eat comfortably try not to use rice and drinks. For rice and drinks can order at the restaurant beside soto pak salamnya so we can ride place.

How come I can't order online food or grab food?

You can't, the thing is, sir, don't register as a merchant, you have to queue directly

I will not find the place. What's the benchmark?

Just follow the map, you will definitely find it, sidewalk sidewalks, open at 4, immediately queued because it quickly runs out

It's been a long queue not served, please help this service right, If it's just B flavor, it's not really good

Next time take the queue from the right

How much is a portion?

Choose meat / unit contents ... come at 16, there is a soft pebble soft. :)

Do you want to try, what's the st.bogor up, huh ??

If you want to take an angkot that goes towards sukasari mba 😊

anyone knows call sir greetings, huh?

Wa: 081219619099 Telpon: 081311166452

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